David Saint


Up to speed, up all night. Digital native. Dirigible faded. Making compelling thumbstoppable watchable eye-guzzlable buzzwordable content.

On the set with the incredibly funny writer and EP Chris Moynihan and world-renowned medical professional Marlon Wayans.

On the set with the incredibly funny writer and EP Chris Moynihan and world-renowned medical professional Marlon Wayans.


David Saint

I'm a writer-director and editor, and I help entertainment companies build bigger audiences. I'm obsessed with how technology drives entertainment innovation, consumer choice, and storytelling.

In 2009, after graduating with an MFA in screenwriting from Florida State University’s College of Motion Picture Arts, I found myself in Miami, newly married, and jobless during The Great Recession.

But I’d heard of YouTube. Twitter. Facebook. Blogs. You know, the interwebz. So I turned to work online, and quickly found awesome opportunities, creating digital video content and courses with New York Times Bestselling authors Ramit Sethi and Tim Ferriss, as well as the infamous burrito-loving Noah Kagan and Andrew Warner of Mixergy. 

Out of that experience, I was able to move to Los Angeles, and join the then-MCN Fullscreen (prior to Chernin's acquisition). There, after managing a comedy network of creators 400+ strong, I shifted gears to YouTube strategy for NBC Entertainment, helping it become the #1 television network on the platform, across show brands as diverse as Jay Leno's Garage, The Voice, and the full gamut of scripted programming. 

I eventually joined NBC full-time, and created marketing campaigns for NBC’s slate of shows across scripted and alternative/reality, and helped launch NBC’s product marketing team as we proliferated to new devices like Amazon Fire, Roku, and Xbox. 

Last year I joined NBC’s digital video team and wrote, produced, directed, and edited over 2,000 minutes of video for YouTube, social platforms, and connected devices. 

My creative process starts with getting the hands dirty on everything about the subject, looking for that insight to make it pop; then it moves into collaboration, with teams, key stakeholders, or the pizza guy. All in the pursuit of making something new and (hopefully) a little crazy, a little risky. If what we're making has been done, then why not make it better? If we can’t find an example of what we’re doing, that’s fantastic; it doesn’t exist yet. So we make that.

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